Glencaple Today
The Church of Scotland decided to unite the parish of Crawford and Elvanfoot with Duneaton parish, to be in the care firstly of the Rev James Brown, and then later Rev Dr Andrew Munro.

This Union was eventually renamed Glencaple, from an ancient site at the center of the new Parish.

Crawford had previously been linked with Lowther (Leadhills and Wanlockhead.).  This arrangement continues still, and the full title of the new parish bears both names, Glencaple linked with Lowther. The present Minister is the Rev Margaret Muir. 

There are Church services held weekly in the churches at Abington and at Leadhills.   All the other buildings have been sold, some to form dwelling houses, and one to be the home of the Heritage Venture Museum Trust at Crawfordjohn.   

In all, six churches were sold:  Roberton, Wiston, Lamington, Crawfordjohn, Crawford and Elvanfoot during the years leading up to the creation of Glencaple Parish.

When the Crawfordjohn Church was put on the market, some regrets were voiced, and a challenge was flung at the individual who spoke.  “Do something about it then “ was the reply.

After some time a trust was formed which purchased the building in 1988, and the Museum began in the early part of 1991. A second Trust leases the premises from the original Trust, and manages the Museum. There is also an Association of Friends which raises funds as needed to run the museum, organising social events and classes. This adds some extra interest to life in the community.