Church Origins
Ancient records show that there has been a centre of worship at Crawfordjohn since the 12th century when it was a chapel dependent on the church at Wiston, which in turn linked back to the abbey at Kelso.

Searches of the surrounding hills reveal stone circles which indicate worship from much earlier times. 

The site of the old Kirk at Crawfordjohn has been used in one form or another for centuries.  The present building uses stones and foundations of greater antiquity, but the main building was erected in the 19th century.  Early photographs reveal alterations during the early years of the 20th century, and also show the extension which housed a heating system, sadly no longer functioning!! Also shown is the later addition of a porch.
Among the earliest tombstones in the surrounding graveyard are some dated from 1691, and some of the stones have skull and crossbones on them.  A survey by the South Lanarkshire Countryside Ranger Service revealed that 59 different species of lichen are found within the graveyard and such a diversity of species is fairly unique in South Lanarkshire.

More details on the tombstones can be found in the Crawfordjohn Churchyard booklet available from the museum or by post.