Crawfordjohn Churchyard
A few years ago the inscriptions on the stones in the churchyard were transcribed by one of our museum volunteers. These have been produced as a book, which also includes an index to mortcloth records for the parish, the names of those commemorated on the war memorial and a list of ministers. 


Indexes to the Old Parish Register for Crawfordjohn 
These are arranged alphabetically by surname. Some examples of the information they contain are given below. 

23 Jul 1744        John Renton, Mosscastle & Margaret Wilison, son bp Robert
25 Feb 1807       William Watson, Holmhead & Hannah Colthart, dau born Hellen
4 Jun 1757        James White & Kathren Porteous, proc

Transcripts or prints from film of all the Crawfordjohn censuses
The museum has an index for each of the censuses 1841-1901. This is an extract from 1871. 

 Dalglish Robert   8    b LKS Crawfordjohn   bk.5    sched.12
 Dalglish Robert  10    b LKS Lesmahagow   bk.2    sched.4
Dalziel John      50    b LKS Douglas            bk.7    sched.46

There is also a combined index containing all entries for 1841-1891. Here you can track a person in each census in which they appear. This can be extremely useful. 

                Milligan     Robert             2                  1841                bk.7                pg.3
     “                “                12                1851                bk.7                sched.8
                     “                “                22                1861                bk.6                sched.12
     “                “                32                1871                bk.6                sched.7
     “                “                41                1881                bk.6                sched.5
     “                “                52                1891                bk.5                sched.21

From churchyard monuments: examples
Erected by David Coke in loving memory of his wife Marion Lammie who died at Craigend, Carluke
20 Feb 1903 aged 71yr, the above David Coke died 24 May 1909 aged 78yr.

Here lies the body of William Williamson of Strancleugh who died 20 Oct 1809 aged  88yr,and Agnes Niblo
his spouse who died 7 Jun 1823 aged 85yr, also John Williamson of Strancleugh who died 8 Apr 1843
aged 80yr. 

Mortcloth index: examples
1758        John             Milliken, Snar, one of his children
1786        Jon               Milliken
1756        David            Mitchel,  his coffin
1753        David            Mitchell, Netherton, his wife's coffin

1842        Anne            Moffat, her coffin


Communicants Roll Book from 1867-1909 
Was your ancestor a regular attender at communion? Changes of address are often noted, as are admissions to, and removals from
the roll.
Marion Lindsay, daughter of William Lindsay, Mountherrick: married, now Mrs D French, Netherton
Richard Carmichael, Mossbank: removed to Douglas, 1.7.1891
William Steel, Duneaton Braehead: admitted from Dolphinton, June 1890

Family history charts donated by members

1891-1892 Valuation Roll

Roberton Churchyard
The parish of Wiston & Roberton is just to the east of Crawfordjohn. A number of people from Crawfordjohn, especially from the Abington area are buried at Roberton. We have a transcription and index of all the stones up to the year 2000.