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May until the end of Sept

Crawfordjohn, a small village nestling in the hills of South Lanarkshire on the border of Dumfriesshire, is surrounded by farming and forestry and if you blink you will miss it.

The community of Crawfordjohn, up until recent years, made their living either by working on the local farms or by supplying goods and services to them. The village hall and churches were the centre of community life. As times have changed the occupations and needs of the resident community have also changed so a more diverse community now exists.

The old village hall has been replaced with a bright new modern building and the churches have closed. One of those churches dating back to the 18th century has now become our Heritage Venture.

Picture: Galen Turner
So why not pay us a visit to see for yourself how your ancestors may have lived, worked and played in this rural community. We are a small band of local volunteers who have a wide knowledge of the area and the people who lived here. The history of Crawfordjohn goes back many generations and centuries and some of that history can be found within this site, but come and see it for yourself.

Enjoy your visit to our website

NEW: Drone Ariel Video of Crawfordjohn and surrounding area